SD-SPK: Speaker Repair Parts

SD-SPK: Speaker Repair Parts

Speaker Repair Parts

The newly design helmet pad microphones and boom microphones provide you the option to replace the microphone itself if it becomes compromised with water.

Only for newly designed helmet pad microphone and boom microphone.

This replacement microphone will work for the following products:

  • Surf Hat (B01HR)
  • Sports Headset (B01R)
  • Double-Sided Helmet Speaker Pad (B03R)
  • MONO Helmet Speaker Pad (B02R)

* Note, if you have the helmet speaker pads with snaps, this replacement microphone will not work.  If you have the boom microphone with the blue flexible boom line, this replacement microphone will not work.



From the date of purchase, all accessories have a 6-month limited warranty.


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