Installation Guide

Turn on unit:unit


Standard Two Way Communication – 2 piece Main Unit Set (A02pro):

Hold the center button until the blue light comes on for each unit.  Once  both units are turned on, press the intercom button once on only one of the units.  You will hear a beep when they are paired.  (The main unit two piece set comes paired.)

Make sure all units received are fully charged.  A red light indicates the  units need to be charged.  A blue light indicates fully charged.  DO NOT  CHARGE  OVERNIGHT.  The unit’s battery life is 8 hours.  To fully charge the battery it takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.  Overcharging can compromise the battery  life of the units.

If your units un-pair, please refer to the following video: https://youtu.be/Zd4HBmiZHmA

If you are pairing 3-4 units together, please refer to the following video: https://youtu.be/fMn0_BsSlz4



Open the spare parts kit within the main unit box.  Lay out all pieces.  There is one accessory kit for each unit.


Accessory Kit includes:

Marine helmet and headphones mount  headphone-helmet-mount
Double side tape  double-side-tape
Surf hat, arm band, snow goggle mount  hat-armband-goggle-mount
Alcohol prep  alcohol-prep
Micro USB charge cable  microUSBcable
Falling prevention strap  falling-prevention-strap
Microphone sponge for earphone  mic-foam-earphone


To Mount on Helmet and Non-Waterproof Headphones:

  1. Locate the two sided adhesive tapedouble-side-tape
  2. The solid rectangle mounting plateheadphone-helmet-mount
  3. Alcohol padalcohol-prep


Wipe down the slightly curved side of the plastic mounting plate with the alcohol pad and also the mounting location on the helmet. (Left side of the helmet near the ear pad.)

Remove the white side of the adhesive tape.  Adhere this to the plastic mounting  plate. Now remove the red side of the adhesive tape and adhere to the helmet.        Press on firmly.

Once on the helmet, it is not removable. 

For the headphones, follow the same procedure and mount the plastic mounting plate on the left side.  (Same side as the boom mic.)


Helmet example:helmet-example


Headphones example:headphone-example


To Mount on Surf Hat, Snow Goggles and accessories with Arm Bands:


Locate the plastic piece that has four forks:hat-armband-goggle-mount


The four forks will insert into the Velcro band on the surf hat or arm band.  Insert half on the top two forks and the other half on the bottom two forks.  Make sure the two square holes on the other side of the plastic plate are on the top.


Surf Hat example:surfhat-example


Waterproof Housing:

To mount the waterproof housing to the mounting plate, align the two tabs on the back of the waterproof housing with the two square holes on the mounting plate.  Push both sides in and then press down to lock in place.

To remove, make sure both sides are pressed up and pulled straight out.  (Applying uneven pressure to either side when attempting to remove the waterproof case risks breaking the tabs which is not covered by warranty.)

Locate the connector coming from the ear pads and plug into the waterproof housing.  Make sure you securely tighten the black nob.  Failure to do so will cause water intrusion which will compromise your main unit which is not covered by warranty.

Note: Although the waterproof housing is installed onto your white headphones, these headphones are not waterproof.

If you intend on using these units and performing extreme tricks or intense training, there are occasions when you can forcefully impact the water or objects which can cause the waterproof housing to become loose or break.  If you are using BbTALKIN when training during watersports where the units are consistently impacting the water, we recommend re-enforcing the mounting of the main units.  If continued impact is occurring during lessons or training, always check to make sure your case has not received any damage and your main unit is secure at all times.

You can re-enforce the waterproof housing by adhesive or zip ties.


Print BbTALKIN’ Unit Installation Guide (PDF)

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