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Bourne Holdings was founded by businessman & South African Wakeboarder, Andrew Bourne. With years of experience in sales & marketing, and along with his passion & drive, Andrew has built brands associated with success. Bourne Holdings specialises in marketing, brand development, product distribution and sales. The latest acquisition are the sole & exclusive rights to market & distribute BbTALKIN’ throughout Africa – BbTALKIN’ is a long range waterproof bluetooth communication device that allows people to communicate with each other while doing sports. This in turn accelerates the progression of their skills. It also offers a safety aspect for sports enthusiasts along with many other benefits. Bourne Holdings supports Dare to Share which is an organisation that collects donations for various charities.

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Testimonials for BbTALKIN'

 "Dude, this is so much fun!" - Oswald Smith (Pro Kiteboarder)

"It's so sick!" - Carl Ferreira (Pro Kiteboarder)

"It's the best when a student can tell you if they understand what you are trying to teach them" - Andries Fourie (Top Kiteboard Coach)

"BbTALKIN' is the next big thing in sports training. Athletes & students will learn quicker with the help of a friend or coach. Less injuries and faster progression & skills development." - Andrew Bourne (Pro Wakeboarder & Coach)

BbTALKIN' Commercial

Demonstrating BbTALKIN' - Kiteboarding