B02R: MONO Helmet Pad Headset

B02R: MONO Helmet Pad Headset

Waterproof – New Design

Single ear pad for the helmet, newly designed and completely waterproof.  The pads have two fastening options, one by Velcro and the other by 3m adhesive.  If you are using these in extreme water sports or conditions, we recommend adhering to your helmet with the 3M adhesive provided.  Compatible with almost every helmet. (except rubber painted helmets)

This head accessory is good for athletes who desire to have one ear free to listen to their surroundings.  The long microphone is great for noise reduction with weather, such as wind.

Our new design allows for replacement of specific components if they become damaged or compromised.  You can change out and replace just the speaker or microphone.



From the date of purchase, all accessories have a 6 month limited warranty.

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