A02: STANDARD Main Units (2 pcs set)

A02: STANDARD Main Units (2 pcs set)

Bluetooth waterproof main communication units by BbTALKIN. These units connect two people to communicate directly with long-range Bluetooth technology, no "push to talk", completely hands-free. You will be required to purchase and set up your main units with head gear (accessories). We recommend referring to our BbTALKIN packages. If you are using gear not manufactured by BbTALKIN, we advise you to proceed with great caution upon installation to ensure every component is waterproof before submerging in water. We highly recommend purchasing head gear by BbTALKIN.


Maximum distance: *open field 1mile (1600m)
Operating time: 15h
Stand by time: 700h
Charging time: 2h
Water proof level: IPX7

bluetooth Ver.: 3.0
Profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
Radio authentication: TELEC, CE, FCC

CH1=Intrcall, CH2=Phone, CH3=Music

Kit Includes:

Main device x2
Waterproof case x2
Marine mount x2
Double side tape x2
Snow goggle mount x2
Mic sponge for earphone mic x2
Falling prevention strap x2
Alcohol prep x2
Micro usb charge cable x1



From the date of purchase, all units come with a 1-year limited warranty.

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